CBC Blower offers an extensive line of air handling high pressure fans and vacuum / presusre blowers for conveying powder and bulks solids. Our fans and vacuum blowers produce high velocity air materials pneumatic conveying from the industrial processing to the dust collectior system. High pressure blowers are also utilized for powder pneumatic conveying that provide additional air cooling and aeration to the conveying materials.


Distributors of Industrial Centrifugal Air Blowers, Heavy Duty Tube Axial Fans & Man Coolers

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Repair of industrial radial ventilators, fan wheels, blower impellers, stainless steel ventilators, combustion pressure blowers, high temperature industrial ventilators, material handling blower fnas, paddle radial ventilators / fans, high temperature oven ventilators, compact blowers, blowoff fans blowers, blower blade impellers, SST blowers & fans, wall exhaust blowers, duct ventilators, roof / wall supply ventilators, industrial high pressure ventilators, stainless ventilators, explosion-proof fans, replacement ventilators.

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    Centrifugal Fans and Blowers are used for delivering air at substantial pressure.  Industrial Centrifugal Blowers are designed to work at precise operating flow and pressure conditions. All our Centrifugal Air Blowers are complied major industrial quality standrds.

    Selection of Centrifugal Blowers

  1. Air flow rate required by the process in m3/hr or CFM (cubic feet per min.)
  2. Static pressure as offered by the ducting. In inches / mm of WC (needs to be calculated based on the ducting design)
  3. Temperature at which air enters the blower.

      Centrifugal Blower Sizing

      Based on the input parameters we design blower for high efficiency. Following are the important output specification of blowers:

  1. Blower Wheel Diameter.
  2. Rotation Speed in RPM.
  3. Power Consumption in H.P. or KW.
  4. Motor Power in H.P.

       Inspection and Testing of Centrifugal Blowers

       We have well equiped Centrifugal Air Blowers testing facilities. The following test certificates are usually provided with blower and fans:
  1. Impeller Wheel Balancing Certificate.
  2. Operating performance curve showing the blower air flow at different values of static pressure.
  3. Blower noise level at operating point.
 As Centrifugal Blowers Designers we have our standard manufacturing procedures and in-stage inspections process, which ensures highest quality of our Centrifugal Fans and Blowers.

Heavy-duty industrial equipment is specifically designed and built to stand up to the rigors of an industrial application. The differences are concrete and easy to spot...if you know what to look for. Canada Blower designs and builds equipment strictly for industrial applications and has been doing it that way for over 100 years. Industrial fans and blowers are constructed of heavier duty materials and with higher quality components than their commercial counterparts. When properly applied, industrial equipment can withstand vibration, high and low temperatures, fumes and corrosive gases, materials in the airstream, and many other situations in an industrial environment. The equipment is built to provide longer service life, thus decreasing the need and frequency for replacements. Because industrial fans are expected to last longer, they are designed to be easy to install and maintain.

The best way to see the difference between an industrial product and a commercial product is to compare them feature for feature, including product weights. In the below example we’ll look at commercial panel fans versus Canada Blower industrial panel fans. The commercial grade panel fan has sheet metal, riveted blades, and a riveted hub. Canada Blower industrial panel fans have a solid, one-piece cast aluminum airfoil propeller or a cast aluminum adjustable pitch propeller. Lighter fans sometimes have balance weights clipped, bolted, or welded to the back of the fan blades, which can fly off during operation. Canada Blower cast aluminum propellers are precision ground and balanced, and therefore require no balance weights.
Another difference between the commercial and industrial fan is in the aerodynamic design. Canada Blower originally developed the air seal venturi to improve performance. With this design, the propeller is larger in diameter than the venturi opening, thus creating an air seal. This design eliminates back flow of air pressure and increases air delivery by 10% or more. The way most other panel fans are designed, the propeller is smaller than the venturi opening. This type of fan is easier to manufacture, but significantly less efficient. The basket fan provides even less value because of the air that is lost around the sides of the fan. A Canada Blower venturi design fan pushes the air velocity from the blades out the front of the fan for increased spread and throw versus a commercial type fan.

There are also installation differences to consider when purchasing a panel fan. Many commercial fans are shipped in parts. The motor and accessories may be shipped loose and must be assembled to the fan when received. In addition the commercial fan shown on the previous page has no provision for panel mounting or for accessory mounting. This means holes for bolts and mounting hardware must be drilled even before it can be completely assembled or installed. Canada Blower panel fans are shipped completely assembled and ready to install. A large selection of industrial fans are available from the stock program for quick shipment, including panel fan ventilators. You can be sure that Canada Blower equipment will provide many years of continuous service in your industrial air moving environment !